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We serve awesome coffee.

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Truly Great Coffee

Coffee is more than just shoving ground up beans in a brew basket and giving it a hot bath in hopes that its water tastes semi decent. We know that adulting is hard and in order to survive adulthood that little bit of dark liquid heaven juice is about the only thing that stands between you and your sanity. Because of this, we at The Bean have taken the time to make sure that the roaster that we use is as awesome as you are and personally have tested each and every coffee that we are serving. Why? Because nasty coffee can make even the most sane person go from cuddles mc fluffer to angry hulk in .01 seconds and we don't want to do that to you. This is why our dark roast is as smooth as George Clooney and our light roast has enough caffeine in it to help you survive adulthood without having to learn the art of sleeping with your eyes open at work. 

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Because Karma is a thing

Everyone likes to rack up the good juju points and since we are all in this-living on Earth as a human thing- together, we decided to go with a coffee that not only tastes like the nectar of the gods but also is fair trade and sustainable. One thing that we liked about Sun Roasters coffee was that they were not like a lot of coffee companies who are as sketch as that guy selling "name" brand watches out of his trench coat in a dark alley. Instead these dudes were as transparent as your Aunt Marge after drinking 3 glasses of wine. What makes them even more awesome is that they are really into recycling and their high tech equipment uses less electricity and natural gas then the typical roaster. Their awesomeness didn't stop there and the more we looked into them the more we were ready to commit. So when you buy coffee from us, you're not only supporting a local business but you are supporting a business that supports other businesses that really care about the floating outer space water and land ball that we call Earth. 


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